Theatrical Oratorio

Easter Mysteries is a modern take on two medieval mystery plays set to music.  This biblically based oratorio-musical is written in two acts, each about an hour.  Though best performed together, they can be done separately.

Music, libretto and lyrics are by John O’Boyle, a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer (La Cage aux Folles, 2011; Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike, 2013).

Using the universal theme of death and resurrection, the first act is a passion which moves through Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, the Last Supper, his arrest, Peter’s struggle with faith and Jesus’ death.  The second concerns the sightings of Jesus after his burial, Peter’s reconciliation of faith, and Jesus’ reappearance and ascension.

Easter Mysteries reinterprets iconic figures in human terms – ordinary people with hopes, dreams and fears, uncertain of what lies ahead.  They begin a journey with high expectations; what they find is very different from what they anticipated.

The work is scored for soloists, SABT chorus, and piano and cello.  It can be performed either as a fully staged production, as a concert oratorio, or as part of a service.